About Me

“I am overwhelmingly passionate in what I do, and I take much pride in every photo I take, painting I paint, or project I work on. I hope to give you a sense of emotion and want you to enjoy life from my view.”

Growing up in the Chelan Valley, I always loved art and just being creative. I did “arts & crafts” with my mom since I can remember, and I received my first camera when I was ten. The beautiful scenery around the valley was definitely my muse, Stehekin in particular. While enjoying many photography, painting, and other art courses through high school and college, my passion continued to flourish.

After attending Central Washington University (earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, specializing in Graphic Design), I worked for multiple companies doing graphic design, web design, photography, and art. I had a big passion to pursue my own business, and I was finally able to do so in 2009 starting Crystal View Graphics. I started out mainly doing graphic design and photography, and over the years it has grown into so much more.

Never passing up an opportunity to support the arts, I decided to be on the Board of the Lake Chelan Artist Alliance in 2011. After many years of different positions on the board, I have now been President for three years. It has been continuously rewarding and has grown so much over the years.

Art has been a part of my life since I was little, and now having a child of my own I am excited to pass that on. My family and I have resided in the Chelan Valley for generations and hopefully generations to come.

~ Crystal